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It´s Sizzling Hot!

The BBQ Weapon Pack is our 19th DLC for PAYDAY 2. Amp up your play style with the Fire based weapons so you can spew out flames like only a dragon could.

Tired of the long, dark nights of howling cold? Over the snow and ice and biting sleet? Well, we at OVERKILL are proud and excited to bring you a party that is guaranteed to heat things up and blow away the winter blues – the smokin’ hot BBQ Weapon Pack. Featuring a loaded menu of fresh treats – fiery weapons, mouth-filling melee, and a heaping side of new ordnance. And what would a party be without cool masks, materials and patterns? We got them too!
Key Features
•Piglet Grenade Launcher, 12G Steakout Shotgun – A popular menu item with grandparents and children alike, the ‘Piglet’ grenade launcher is a classic. A piece of drum-loaded mobile artillery that brings pump-and-thump action to your table and explosive mayhem to the next. Add our Millionaire’s Bacon for a sweet and salty maple treat. When you’re so hungry you feel you could rip a skulldozer in half with your teeth, we suggest ordering the 12G ‘Steakout’ shotgun. Lovingly crafted from organic polymers, layered with locally sourced stainless-steel, the ‘Steakout’ brings the sharp kick you want. Try it with our curly fries for from-the-hip satisfaction.
•Did we mention the Flamethrower Mk.1? – Feel the heat with our fully-loaded, super-sized ‘flammen werfer’. Dripping with delicious thickened pyrophoric fluids, smoldering with smokin’ ignition topping and capable of spraying eye-watering hot sauce up to 20 yards, the Flamethrower is one of our most served dishes. See that skin sizzle! Try it with our Asian ‘slaw and a guava sun-tea!
•Molotov cocktails and incendiary ammo – The Molotov cocktail is perhaps the simplest weapon that can call itself a grenade. Nothing more than a breakable bottle of flammable liquid with a ‘fuse’ replaced by a burning rag. It is cheap, simple and highly effective. Enjoy with jalapeño poppers. Other than that, we´ve also taken the liberty of adding incendiary ammo. Enjoy the Spirited Dragon´s Breath rounds and the spicy Incendiary rounds.
•Four new masks – Four new masks for you and your friends! The Gas mask, Graug, The Chief and the Firefighter are the four new masks based around the theme of fire that you get by buying this pack.
•Four new materials – Four new materials are available for your mask making pleasure - all of them are somehow connected to the theme of fire.
•Four new patterns – Four fiery patterns have also been added. Use them to modify your masks to get that special fiery look.
•Four new achievements to unlock – These achievements have been in the cookin´ for some time and are now ready to be enjoyed by you and your friends. How about "Disco Inferno", "Stick a Fork In Me, I´m Done", "Not Invited" or "OVERGRILL"? Sounds good? Well go ahead and buy the pack then!

Инструкция по активации подарочных копий игр в steam:
1) Скачать и установить клиент STEAM http://steampowered.com/download/SteamInstall.msi
2) Зарегистрировать учетную запись, либо зайти под своим логином в существующую.
3) Перейти по ссылке полученной после оплаты
4) Добавить игру в библиотеку либо в инвентарь
5) После активации игры начнется процесс скачивания контента.
6) Дождаться окончания загрузки.

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Хочу подарок
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Хочу подарок
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Получил. Всё отлично.
27.11.2016 11:38:46
Спасибо, всё работает!
18.11.2016 5:51:22
Оплатил, пришла ссылка. Активировал. Все прекрасно, аве!
13.11.2016 1:25:47
02.09.2016 17:49:22
Спасибо !
30.05.2016 9:21:01
Товар пришел, спасибо
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Товар пришел за секунду. Спасибо огромное за качество и сервисс.
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